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RE: Retired Veteran
January 27, 2012 | 07:38 AM

According to your comment "If you can't make enough $ to support yourself, living there, then you don't try to force that area to do so, you go live were you can Support yourself.. How the younger generation can expect to make $50-$75k yr around this part of the state is beyond me.."
First let me just say this is about the cheapest area to live. Because I have been looking at other areas and rents are much higher, jobs pay more but costs to live cost more also. Maybe you don't quite understand the issue of the past 4 years in this country. Jobs have been lost nationwide not just in your utopia. Unemployment is between 8.5% and higher nationwide. People all over this country who once could afford all those things you talk about have been thrown into poverty due to no fault of their own. Its not like millions of people all said at one time screw it I quit let someone else pay for me. I hate when people who have not been affected to the degree so many in this country have over the last few years sit on the sideline and paint everyone as freeloaders and losers. There are people out there who have lost everything because their jobs left them. People who lost homes they worked their a** off to get and pay for as well as cars,insurance and yes those luxuries like cable tv, iphones and another luxury like food who are now diminished to standing in line once a month with a number card waiting to get food to eat,toothbrushes,deoderant, clothes and maybe a bed to sleep in because they are waiting for the day they get thrown out of the home they worked many overtime hours to be able to buy and hoped they would have til they died. Yes those freeloaders who once brought home a paycheck or even two. Who now rely on others to house, feed and cloth them.
You also said "Many Times I went out and Got a 2nd job to get the bills paid, that I ran up.. Then I could relax and go Play.." Well when you can't find a first job getting a second is not an option now is it.
I have been out of work now for just over 2 years after working 21 years straight prior to that. I use to work sometimes 6 to 10 days straight with overtime giving my time to the company when asked and what did it get me unemployed about to lose my place to live, nowhere to go when that happens and no prospects of a first job before I can think of a second. I lost my brother this past year due to the stress of him losing his job of 20 years. This freeloader as some would call him couldn't find work either. He lost his car, insurance and his home that he to worked hard for to buy and it took its toll. He died from a heart attack due to the stress.
You are a retired veteran and I commend you on your service. But with being a retired veteran you are probably collecting a veteran's pension each month plus if you are fully retired you may also be collecting Social Security. As for veteran's pensions we the freeloaders of this country pay that pension to veteran's for their service and to take care of them in retirement.

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