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Society of Animals
January 31, 2012 | 06:57 AM

This society today has gone over the edge and has become nothing more than raging animals. You see it everyday in the news. Look at these "OCCUPY" groups. It has nothing to do with standing for a cause. All it is about is destroying America. Our society today takes for granted and abuses everything we as a nation fought for throughout our history. Many in this society want no responsibility of making a living for themself or their family or at least try too. All you hear is give me for nothing because it is owed to me. I love it when I hear this generation say you owe me because I didn't ask to be born. What crap! None of us since the beginning of time asked to be born. The animals on this earth didn't ask to be born. Many in this society want a free ride in live and feel they don't need to earn any of it. If they see something they want or a person with something they want they steal it instead of working to earn it.In the process of stealing it they may hurt or even kill for it. The morals in this country have disappeared. Many make jokes of human tragedy in this country until they experience it. They laugh at people's misfortunes or disabilities. They belittle a person down on their luck until they are in that position. It has to do with morals and respect for others and many fail at both.

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