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students deserve the chance to learn ...
February 04, 2012 | 04:13 AM

i don't know karina, but i do know that when i was a basketball player at badger i witnessed several young people going through difficult times in which they made some mistakes. breaking the rules of conduct always resulted in consequences at badger and it impacted the whole team. the players themselves suffered through suspensions and often without support of their coaches/family ended up either quitting the team or continuing in a negative direction. they were criticized, gossiped about and labelled as "bad kids." it seemed like they were always the most talented players, too. i am really happy to hear that the badger coaches and these parents are supporting students to make positive changes, instead of just writing them off as troublemakers. 15 games and the stigma of suspension are punishment enough, facing school every day and watching your team play without out you is punishment enough ... especially to someone who cares so much about basketball.
congratulations to this young player for being strong and holding her head high through a bad situation. i hope she continues to grow from this experience. people need to remember, these are teenagers and they deserve the chance to learn and grow - not to be held to the standard of adult decision-making. facing mistakes and dealing with them, learning to overcome negativity - these are the skills that will serve this girl later in her life ... it takes a lot of heart to come back in the face of adversity at such a young age. best of luck to karina.

former badger
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