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You all are stupid and need to get your facts straight
February 09, 2012 | 02:43 PM

As a concerned woman, I address you all on your inconsiderate posting--MILLIONSOFPEACHES lets start with you, I personally know the victim to whom the charges on McKinley were originally charged from. She has a wealthy father where else is she getting the money from? Also, as for your confusion of who was telling the truth in the two different articles; The originial victim has had sex with McKinley 20 or more times, the OTHER victim, yes there are multiple, has not. She was one of the lucky ones. AS FOR "SOME ONE WHO KNOWS" I'm sorry but you're wrong. This "poor girl's" mother did NOT lie about the alligations. There was simply another victim. Wow back to you MILLIONSOFPEACHES..you really are an ignoramous. Her mother is not a whack job. She is an extremely intelligent woman with a strong charisma to go with it. Why would the original victim lie? That would get her into more trouble...come on bloggers, lets use our noggins. TO SHOCKED and ANNMILWAUKEE he is a cop in Delavan, however if the parents didnt know...how would he? BURNSIZZLEFRY, I think youre the only one with IQ points over 85. DEVIL'SADVOCATE, you must be a pessimist, or not have children of your own. This man manipulated a 15 year old girl after her beloved relative past away. She was fragile and attacked during a weak time. She was a strong girl and smart before this epidemic occurred. She made the right choices 99% of the time and was a grade-A daughter and student. Look at what this man did to her. He threatened to kill himself and "leave" her if she ever disagreed with him or did anything against his own liking. He controlled her every move. He told her of the fabulous life they'd have together after she turned 18. As we know now, the suicide threats were never true and he only did it to strengthen the grip he had on her heart. He did this to multiple girls, and manipulated them identically to the original victim. ANGRY MOM...you honestly think your children dont do things behind your back? You must live in a fantasy. This man manipulated the original victim into lying to her parents to be with him and sneak around. She was NEVER like that before he came along. She's allergic to lying. SS you are extremely ignorant. This man MANIPULATED a FIFTEEN year old girl. That doesn't scream predator to you? Why would the girl try to get back at him? For what might I ask...or do you not know what vindictive means? MEH do you still not understand that this man manipulated her? He made her believe that everything would be okay. Doesn't every 15 year old want stability? To all of you in general. This girl is just a victim of a horrible atrocious crime. How can you for one second not feel bad for a 16 year old. This sickens me that people are like this.

On the outside looking in
Walworth County