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Show Palace
February 15, 2012 | 03:53 PM

When I moved here and found out about this and other places and the Wife and I visited them Only Once to experience it, Like we did in a Trip to Vegas, I wondered why No Casino?

A Casino in Lake Geneva, right on the waterfront..?

Or the Grand Geneva turned into a Casino!

Would Turn Lake Geneva Into another Monte Carlo..

What a Beautifull place that is!

And let's face it people, This really isn't True Wisconsin, over half the HOmes are owned by Chicagoans! and the other Half Owned by Former Chicagoans!

And Most of the Visitors for the Summer come from? Chicagoland..!

Quit Fooling around and Nickel and Dime them for Hihger Parking Fees, etc. and being Hypocrites of having Places like this Place and Not have A Casino..

Even that Old Dog Track Facilty is just been Sitting there Wasting away.. What a Shame..

LG of course
Walworth County