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The comments are too funny!
February 20, 2012 | 11:26 AM

Ok kids. Enough baiting (no pun intended). In the United States we still have personal liberties. And where a business like this may offend WB, it entertains others. And it does offer the entertainers a chance to pay for college, a better life, and to responsibly use the gifts they were given.

Maybe others are offended (atheists)by the paper posting church dinners and fund raisers. And others offending by all the liberal coverage. But bottom line is we do have freedom of the press and expression...two things apparent by this article.

WB is probably an Obama supporter and wants the government to control everything and everybody, including the media.

As for the casino. Not sure where you are going with that, but it has been proposed for the vacant dog track. But the government (local) stopped it in its tracks. What a shame, just like the government stopping the oil pipeline from Canada. A few decide for the masses which is bringing us closer to socialism and further from capitalism.

As for the new interior. Yeah, I will go check it out and mention that I read it here first. The place was a dump. And now I can bring visiting business executives there to spend out of town money in a legal way. GREAT for our local economy and the girls!

And for your poor friend. Maybe it was only $45.00. Either way, whoever brought him there was to blame and whoever allowed him to carry such funds. Wake up sheeple.

Walworth County