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report print email Source: Editorial: Star Center teacher in trouble for alleged thefts
February 22, 2012 | 07:08 PM

You OBVIOUSLY are an IDIOT and shouldn't be in ANY business let alone comment on someone else's. I don't even know to whom I'm writing about so ruining your reputation will never come to surface like it has Johnalee's. You apparently have never been introduced to the word MORTGAGE nor are you aware of the fact that she had over fifteen years and two previous home equities put down to build this house on a "teacher's salary"!!!!! She has been a stellar member of this community and a teacher with her MASTER's degree for close to twenty years so yes, she makes a decent living through her own hard work. No where in this article does it state "Kawalec's" version of what has transpired for over ten years with the "victim". This is an example of the legal sytem NOT working!!!!! Portraying and slandering someone so easily and allowing people as small-minded as you to make a comment like that before you know the facts is, to me, libeling someone and should not be allowed. This is not and should not be treated as an "elderly man" being mistreated. Every sole in this community that has ever been around either of them for the past TEN YEARS knows otherwise. They all know that she has been "the victim's" ONLY family and caretaker and has loved him very, very much and has always put him first. A family argument all of a sudden has changed all this. This is an incredible injustice!!!! Open your mouth or comment on this situation if and ONLY when you know what you're talking about. It's morans like you that turn our justice system upside down with your small-minded opinions that allow accusations to run wild. Shame on you for judging a book by its cover!!!!!! Maybe someday someone or some "elderly" man may accuse you of something you didn't do after ten years of loving care on the flip of a coin and may God help you!!! PURE INJUSTICE!

Walworth County