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Re: Karma rears it's ugly head
February 24, 2012 | 09:44 AM

Are you kidding me????? Where are you freaks coming from????? I guess this is what the paper wants. I know exactly who you are and this episode occurred almost twenty years ago. The ONLY reason Johna turned around after YOU got fired was because you shouted out to your ex-boss , "What? Do you have to have cancer to keep a job around here?". That was when you knew Johna was battling cancer. What sick person or "psycho" would ever do that? No wonder you're apologizing for your first entry. And as far as your "she even looks guilty" comment- is she supposed to be doing cartwheels and smiling for the camera right after being blown away by the absurdity that had just transpired? Let the facts and the law speak for themselves.

Walworth County
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