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report print email Source: Editorial: Star Center teacher in trouble for alleged thefts
February 24, 2012 | 11:41 AM

How very unfortunate that the Lake Geneva Regional News would report a story solely based on the opinions and thoughts of an aging man who required a caregiver to function in daily life, from personal care to finances. The in justice of the reporting of this story has made me think twice of supporting such an irresponsible publication. The amount of $50,000 on the surface may seem to be a large amount, however in caring for an elderly man over the course of six years time, it is merely a drop in a bucket. Medications, doctor appointments, personal belongings etc add up quickly, not to mention transportation services, food and all other basic survival needs.

In regards to her home, several teachers/principles and other school workers maintain residence in some of the most luxurious subdivisions in and around our district. If anyone person cares to make such uneducated comments as “not on a teachers” salary I would urge those of you to consider that.

Lastly, and most importantly, this particular teacher goes above and beyond for her students, I know this not even having a child in her class. Let us commend her for her achievements and accomplishments with her pupils rather that chastise her based on the ranting of one bitter elderly man, who has reaped the benefit of her time, money and home for several years.

Shame on the Lake Geneva Regional News.

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