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When dialogue is replaced by demagoguery
March 07, 2012 | 02:27 PM

Respectful political debate is harder and harder to find because neither side has the courage to provide answers to our problems. As a result, dialogue is replaced by demagoguery and issues that have very little meaning move to the forefront of the discussion.

Here is a perfect example as it relates to government spending. Our nation has been heading towards bankruptcy for years, long before Obama took office. For 2012 non discretionary entitlements will consume 56% of all spending, the majority of which is for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid (the latter being our two large single payer socialized health care programs). Toss in Defense Spending at 19%, Interest on the National Debt at 6%, and you have a total of 81%. That leaves only 19% for discretionary spending.

The bottom line is that the Federal Budget cannot be balanced without major spending reductions to entitlements and defense.

Instead of having an discussion as to how we can achieve this, our current national debate focuses on contraception or expanding our role as the world's police force by targeting Syria and Iran as our next engagements.

Bottom line - If you think that Greece is a financial disaster, you ain't seen nothing yet.