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An Outsider = Special
March 26, 2012 | 09:59 AM

Wow, talk about stretching logic to the max in an attempt to justify your weak point. Just a few differences....

1) A few hundred dollars in "waiver fees" compared to HALF A MILLION DOLLARS? Really?

2) The Lions and the JC's (Venetian Fest) contribute many good things to the community in the form of time, money, and various charitable acts that far exceed the small amounts they "get back" in waivers. Just what do these skateboard punks contribute to our community except for a constant source of irritation?

3) Events like the Venetian and Art in the Park bring people to the community. Those people shop at our stores, eat at our restaurants, and contribute to the economic health of our community. Just how much economic impact do you think a bunch of teenage delinquents will have besides allowing the LGPD to pay out some overtime?

If you're going to try and make an argument, at least try and have one that makes sense.....