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What a nightmare this family was living...
March 29, 2012 | 02:31 PM

As I read about this family and came to the sentence that said both the children were mentally challenged, I said out loud "Oh my Lord!" What a terrible situation. And at this very moment, the Supreme Court is shredding Obama's plan to help families who can't help themselves.

Everything you said about the excellent insurance our goverment workers, including the Senators and Congressmen and their families enjoy is absolutely true, Sal! Their futures are assured - they receive pensions for the remainder of their lives as do their wives or husbands. They have nothing to worry about.

My thought when I read about the children who are disabled is that they should be receiving disability along with their parents. I have no way of checking that but I believe thats the case. You probably know better than I do if they're entitled to it.

What a scary world we live in - it's as though we're in a time machine that's racing backwards. I do a lot of praying and know that God looks at what you do every day, Sal and says, "Well done though good and faithful servant!" I thank God for you.

God bless you!

Pamela deRoy
Suffolk, VA (formerly a resident of
Walworth County