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April 01, 2012 | 08:23 PM

Your reference to these young people as, "delinquents, punks, and little hooligans", simply shows how ignorant you are of who you are talking about. I really doubt that you have ever bothered to actually talk to the folks that you have chosen to demean. If you had, you would have found these kids and young adults to be much like every one else, kind, caring, and deserving of our respect until they have actually, individually done something to loose it. To include folks you don't even know in such nasty categories is really out of line. As a retired middle school teacher I know literally thousands of young people and it makes absolutely NO difference if they prefer skateboarding, tennis, swimming, BMX, or any other sport when it comes to their character. Perhaps it would do you some good to get out and meet some of these folks BEFORE you trash and disrespect them.

Retired Teacher
Lake Geneva
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