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Jsut another Reason we need
April 07, 2012 | 05:40 AM

Sal? These Sad stories are Just another Reason we Need a Much Better Senior Organization.. A Senior Center If you will..

From a Bigger Town I came from in Illinois..Their Senior Center was Awesome..!

-Senior Volunteer Advocates
-The Resources available
- Joining forces to Get more Out of their Homes and to Socialize with others in the Same Boat..
-Matching People Up to Live with each other as Live In Companions and Save 50% of their Expenses
-Helping those Get thru the Reality of their Situation- It's time to move on- Time to Sell this Bigger Home and Downsize or It's time to Move in with someone else..

-Seniors Helping Seniors is what it is all about..

So where is the 'Senior Center" in The Lake Geneva, let alone G. Lakes Area?

It's Not the Total Answer, just part of the Answer ...

Walworth County