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April 09, 2012 | 09:27 PM

I have nothing but A Thank you to those that Serve our City Council.. Good,Bad or Indifferent..

It is a Thankless Job.. and you are never going to satisfy everyone, probably not even 75%..

Having Served in Public Office many yrs ago for several Yrs., I can Attest, it is a Thankless job..

I'm glad that Common Sense prevails in most Cases and problems that arise... If not? It can Be Rectified..

I would However, Like to see more Enforcement of The Laws on these Noisy Motorcycles and The Bike Riders riding on our Streets.. It's getting to be that time of Year again and they come from all over to Ride around The Geneva Lake area and it gets Very Dangerous and Noisy as well.

Retired In GLke
LG of course