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RE: Retired in GLke
April 09, 2012 | 09:58 PM

Just what would you permit in Lake Geneva? Now it is Motorcycles and Bicycles. These are your words "I would However, Like to see more Enforcement of The Laws on these Noisy Motorcycles and The Bike Riders riding on our Streets.. It's getting to be that time of Year again and they come from all over to Ride around The Geneva Lake area and it gets Very Dangerous and Noisy as well". Everything and Everyone seems to bother you. People who are having hard times right now should not own property according to you. The skateboard park is needed. To many Illinois people being allowed to live or own property here. Now this! What's next? Do away with police,Fire Engines and ambulances because they have sirens, maybe ban talking in the city limits, maybe ban laughter, Babies crying,no air conditioners allowed because they're noisy.Ridiculous already.

Walworth County