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May 08, 2012 | 04:47 PM

D, you need serious help.

First, there is a thing on your keyboard to the left of the "A" button (this is the first letter of the alphabet incase you were wondering), it is called "Caps Lock". Push that button with your finger, and it will allow you to type without capitalizing every word.

Second, if you think Obama is so great - can you tell us how much better your life is today than 3 years ago? Never mind the obvious drinking and narcotic use, how are you doing financially and such? you like $4.25 gas? you want higher taxes? Oh wait, you probably don't work or pay taxes like some of us, obviously you are on the dole as no one who actually works for a living adores Obama the way you must.

Please keep your ridiculous posts to yourself and stop making yourself look so darned stupid every time you comment on these stories.

Not D
Walworth County