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Recall election
May 09, 2012 | 02:28 PM

I find it a joke that wisconsin has a recall clause for the state that does not specify when it should be used ! Its a great clause for a politicion who is a crook or using his/her office for financial gain. Its a shame that Gov Walker is in a recall election for doing his job !!! And a GREAT job at that !!! Its funny how the UNIONS can move the democrats and some of the people around like CATTLE .
I hope that the people of Wisconsin show the unions who RUNS this state buy in this recall election !!! Because if the democrats win we will have the honer of being just like the wonderful state of Illinois, in no time owning 8 BILLION dollers to the retired UNION employees living in Florida .
This election has the potential of not only changing our state but the entire NATION for the good of the PEOPLE. If Gov Walker looses- expect HIGHER TAXES across the state and the nation to pay for all those UNION retirees and UNION BOSSES who OWN THE DEMOCRATS !!!!!!!!


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