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djw elkhorn
May 10, 2012 | 03:56 PM

The difference, my wise liberal friend, is that the Unions TAKE the money from the "Everyday Average Worker" and give it to the political party that keeps them in business. This money is called "dues"and it funds the Democrat party PERIOD.

So, no matter what your political preference, if you have a union job - your dues pay for democratic propaganda - and you don't have a "choice"... Whereas the rest of us purchase products or services from "big business" because they have something we need or want - what they do with their "profit" is their business PERIOD.

Please wake up and start thinking for yourself. It amazes me that liberals cannot understand this.

While we're on the subject of amazement... Does it not bother you to see the abuses and waste of your typical union? Go watch the 6 guys fixing a pot hole (1 to man the shovel, 1 to man the truck, 2 to man the slow/stop signs, 1 to "manage" the project and 1 to do the paperwork.
Or how about the union "enforcers" who's work day consists of driving to an honest business and sitting out front in their black Ford Crown Vic trying to "impose" the union on the business... Glad you like supporting those who can't do for themselves, but actually, I guess that's what being a liberal is all about...

Walworth County