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May 20, 2012 | 08:26 PM

Did you see the video with Walker talking to the owner of ABC Supply, she asked him when could she see this turn into a RIGHT TO WORK FOR LESS STATE, and he replied he was working on it, by divide and conquer starting with the public worker's unions.

Fact 1. Not to long ago our ancestors fought in the streets many a bloody battle for a decent living wage, time off, and benefits.

fact 2. Unions brought you, your 40 hour work week, before then it was not unheard of to have a company call your family and tell them you hadn't shown up for work, although your loved one had, and indeed fallen into the meat grinder. Unions brought you safer working conditions.

Fact 3. Walker signed a Repeal of women's and minorities right to equal pay! The last time I checked women make up a large part of the workforce, and deserve equal pay, although it is fact they make about 77 cents of the dollar a man makes doing the same job!

Walker FAILED WI, he failed to protect workers, the middle class, senior citizens, and students.

The only fact I know about Walker is he took my tax payer dollars away from the people who have dedicated their lives work to the future society educating them, only to give it to people like the ABC Supply lady, the RICHEST WOMEN in WI, that is unhappy with the billions she has, and needs a way to cut costs from the workers to make more.

Unions are a group of people standing next to one another for rights in the work place, and those people make a decent wage possible for all. The big question is if an American company COULD get away with paying slave labor, would they? I think we can look over seas and see, it's a fact, without unions we WOULD be working for slave labor.

Lake Geneva
Walworth County