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Meya - Vote Walker
May 21, 2012 | 05:34 PM

Nice spin job. Just a couple of thoughts.....

1) If you want to make CEO wages, BECOME A CEO! The problem with union think is that it doesn't reflect reality or the market. Some jobs aren't meant to be careers, they're meant to be low wage, low skill, low commitment positions that people use to gain experience for OTHER JOBS.

2) In the perfect union world, everyone gets paid big wages and big benefits, all for a small fee. The problems with this are too numerous to list, but if every monkey see, money do position pays big bucks, guess what that does to the cost? I'm sure that $20 per hour will go fast when you're paying $25 for a t-shirt.

3) Unless you're planing on living in isolation, the rest of the world matters. In a global economy, competition breeds efficiency and creativity. Take a look at the 70's. The big 3 dumped some of the worst cars ever on the public. Only competition from Japan caused them to rethink how and what they were making.

4) Forgot something about the great Clinton and his balanced budget. He had a REPUBLICAN CONGRESS. Remember Newt? I don't suppose THAT had anything to do with that balanced budget?

5) You can't seriously be blaming 911 on the Republicans. In case you forgot, Clinton had the chance to get Osama, but said no thanks.

6) You might want to do some research on the economic "downturn" as well. Guess which party blocked attempts to investigate and do something about the Fannies? I'll give you a hint, it wasn't the Republicans.

7) Reagan deficits? That's quite the joke considering the 5 TRILLION the current occupant has buried us with and for what? Stagnation, unemployment over 8%, fewer people in the workforce than there's been in the last 30 years. Quite the accomplishment.

8) If you're going to try and blame Milwaukee's failures on Walker, consider who was governor for most of Barrett's regime. That's right, it was Jimmy and the D's. If you can blame it on the county, you can blame it on who was running the state.

9) If you want the perfect example of what kind of mess the big government, big union philosophy leads to, take a look at California, Illinois, Greece, Italy, etc. etc. Massive debt, high taxes, no end in sight. You better be making "union wages" or you won't be able to pay the tax bill let alone live there.

It's time for a TRUE CONSERVATIVE MOVEMENT. Governor Walker was the start and will be the continuance once he's reelected.

Enough Already
Lake Geneva