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Recall Walker
May 22, 2012 | 10:07 AM

I look at the video of the Gov with Diane the billionare of ABC and what does that say? The truth in my eye's is that our Gov along with big buisness could care less about worker's. What he told Congress about Coll. Bargaining and his conversation with Diane of ABC supply is that really looking out for the worker? No,The Repub's side with Big Buisness and have never been for the worker. I read the Paper's, Where are all these job's that are paying a good wage and have Benefit's?? what about these Big CO's that Manipulate the hour's to avoid paying benefit's? Or overtime? If you give all the Power to people like them what do you think is gonna happen with Right to Work? Enough of that junk. I am a skilled worker and I have been in a Union for 20 year's, I just do not like to see hard working People get trampled on. I feel sorry for people that are willing to cut corner's and risk there own safety for what? Just to get laid off because they speak up for themselves or get harrassed? Who is looking out for these People? Is that fair,No,It is just obvious to me what Big Buisness and our Gov are all about, and it isn't Worker's.

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