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May 30, 2012 | 08:08 AM

I am very sorry for all those involved. Matt,Accidents happen all the time.Thats why they call them accidents.Their have been a few times that I have pulled out and didnt see another car coming.Slamed on the brakes and waved sorry.I think we have all done this.
Motorcycles can be very hard to see.Working as a Firemen I have been to many motorcycle accidents and that is why I choose not to ride one.Almost all motorcycles will be in a accident at one time or another,Pot hole at 55mph,Someone doesnt see you.Not worth the risk to me but to others it is the risk that they enjoy.I would much rather take my chances in a car.This is a sad story all the way around.God help everyone in this Accident.

So sorry
Lake Geneva
Walworth County