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Recall Walker
May 30, 2012 | 02:50 PM

Walker gave raises and Bonus's to Top level State worker's, Between HIS Testimony to a Congressional Panel and what he said in the Divide and Conquer video, he has to respond back to the Panel by 6/1 to CLARIFY His Testimony, In listening to the GOV/LT.GOV making references to Taxpayer's, Teacher's and Public Worker's do not pay TAXES, Kicked out of college, Maybe that is why he is so against Teacher's, CB was part of the Fiscal Budget and is what made a Huge Deficit in WI What can he tell the Truth about? Anything, The debate He stated that he would done thing's differently that would have involved telling the Truth,He has a big problem with that, But he was an Eagle Scout !!!

Walworth County