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May 31, 2012 | 07:34 PM

Who from day one of this whole issue lied to the People of this State? Look at this Person who claim's to have the Character and Integrity of An Eagle Scout? Flat out lying to the get His agenda or should I say that of Diane Hendrick's? Go ask your Teacher's if they pay Taxes? Alot of People seem to think that is the case. When the Gov/LT.Gov refer to the Taxpayer's Teacher's and Public Worker's don't fall into that Catergory?? I dont like this anymore than anyone else does, But this Gov lied through his teeth. As I posted earlier. WATCH the Divide and Conquer video and then Read about His Testimony to the Cong. Oversight Panel and watch that Video.He started this He created all of this, for what, The Diane Hendrick's and Kristy Walton's? Let me ask you this, Kristy Walton, Forbes list 24 Billion, Now go ask Worker's at Walmart about there Wages and Benefit's. Will YOU speak up for them? Is that Fair? I belong to a private sector Union, call me what ever you want,But whether you like it or not, I STAND for ALL Worker's Not Just a select few. And believe me All Worker's deserve better,and if you don't want to speak up, fine, But I will and I thank MEYA for Your voice.

Taste of Wisconsin
Walworth County