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June 01, 2012 | 09:31 AM

I am not a union worker, and I'm not a teacher, but what I am is a hard working, women, and constituent of a state that I hold high in regards to education, community, and environment.

THESE are WI values, and these have all come under attack by Scott Walker with his Conquer and divide strategy, HIS words NOT mine.

Look, if you choose to vote for someone that has divided us successfully, and is willing to allow your rights to be conquered then vote for Walker. It is your right.

I will vote for Barrett/Mitchell they stand for unity, community and integrity. They do not have legal defense funds payed by billionaires that pay ZERO TAXES in our state. They have not had their administrations convicted, charged or pleaded the 5th in connection with an ONGOING investigation into illegal activities on MY DIME!

Walker is costly to only monetarily but emotionally.

It's your vote, it's your choice.

Lake Geneva