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Well DJW....
June 01, 2012 | 10:15 AM

Your teachers and public workers only make up A SMALL PERCENTAGE of taxpayers in this state. To take it a step further, their compensation far outweighs what they might pay in taxes so they are net takers.

You and Meya (who I think are actually the same person with a split personality) squawk about Ms. Hendricks' tax bill. I say MORE POWER TO HER. Nice to see someone decide to keep their money for themselves and not feel the need to send it to government to p*ss away. If I could manage my finances to PAY NO TAXES I sure as h*ll would and SO WOULD YOU. Scream and holler all you want, but if the rules are set up in such a manner that allows you to not pay taxes legally, you'd be an idiot not to take advantage of that. Our former financial mess wasn't due to lack of revenue, it was due to spending money like a drunken sailor, thankfully, that has come to an end.

Perhaps DJW/Meya should spend more time looking for ways to become successful and less time being envious of those that are. Then again, that's the Democrats way, complain about the rich and successful, demonize them and try to punish them rather than encouraging people to BE LIKE THEM.

Walworth County