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RE: Meya
June 02, 2012 | 11:22 AM

What this country needs is to do things more like in the 1800's and get government out of our lives. It use to be where communities got together and did such things as cutting weeds and maintaining their communities without government influence and laws, ordinances and things got done. Government can screw up a one float parade and make it look like they are helping you. That is the largest problem in this state and country. TO MUCH GOVERNMENT. Heck the mayor of New York wants to ban the public's right to buy and drink larger than 16 oz soft drinks. Where does it end with government? Isn't this what we fight for in other countries the peoples right to less government? So here in our own country the so called land of the free we are slowly but surely losing our rights and being told everything to do that the government says we should. GET GOVERNMENT OUT OF OUR WAY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Walworth County
Taste of Wisconsin