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RE: Meya
June 02, 2012 | 08:03 AM

Do you really think our State Reps & Senators are really going to do anything about our small town weed problem? Not a chance. Sometimes, instead of always asking for the governments hand-outs, communities need to get together and solve their own problems. Recalling walker has NOTHING to do with our town's problems, so keep your political BS elsewhere.

I do agree with Meya about needing an effective long term plan. That is what the WI DNR is for. They are there to help, that is what we pay them for, not our elected officials. What is wrong with "gathering the town and picking weeds"? With the proper permits, we could have cleaned up the beaches and at least the shoreline fairly easily. Why do we need the governments help all the time? Its people like Meya that try to sponge everything possible off of the government already. This is what is wrong with America these days...

Brian Patyk
Pell Lake
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