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report print email Source: Editorial: Is Fontana next for more outdoor dining?
Outdoor Dining and Cocktailing in Fontana,
June 07, 2012 | 09:25 PM

It does seem silly that in a RESORT community which needs to attract and get the most out of tourists would restrict behavior which would help both the tax base and local community. Pete Novak has done an admiral job with his outside dining area. Having a bloody Mary with Sunday breakfast isnt going to make someone streak down Fontana Blvd.!

I also dont see where the cocktail portion needs to be tied with food. This isnt the 60's anymore. The lakefront business owners mentioned are all well respected professionals who also want the best for their community. They all have families, children, and grandchildren here. Most have been here for generations!

It makes NO sense NOT to do this. Sure, you could do it as a probationary thing. But lets not over analyze this. I know both Whowel families and Steve Fairchild want only the best not only for their patrons, but for the community at large.

I look forward to having a beer outside at anyone of these fine establishments. In the mean time I can be found on the deck of the Abbey Marina Harbor house. Having a beer and a cheeseburger....watching the jealous tourists walk by and cry.

God bless America and reduce the tyranny which takes away our liberties!

Joe Falcone
Walworth Township
Taste of Wisconsin