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Give them a chance
June 08, 2012 | 07:30 PM

Family oriented doesn't come close to describing the family atmosphere of these races. My brother (pictured above) is a third generation boat racer and our family and all other racing families are very passionate about our sport and committed to maintaining great race sites. Of course there are a few who may drink, or may be missing some teeth but don't base your opinion of the entire racing community on one person. These people work hard for what they do (this is not a cheap sport) and all the work you actually see Kip and the Badger State Outboard members doing right now is only a small portion of the work that goes into running a great race like this one has the potential to be. These people respect the lake and would like to see this turn into an annual event the community looks forward to. Please give them a chance to become that.

Sarah Hoffmann
Taste of Wisconsin
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