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2 Wheel Bike Accidents Go Hand In Hand
June 14, 2012 | 05:20 AM

Be they Motor Scooters, Motorcycles or manual Bikes, they all go Hand In Hand for having alot more Accidents and More Serious One's at that..

It's a Shame, but The Season and our Area Attracts them to come up here and More are using Motor Scooters and Bikes to Save On Gas Costs..

At least In a Car you don't have to Focus 110% of every Min., but on a 2 wheel Bike you better..

And They ALL should be Wearing Orange or Yellow Vests or Jackets to See them Better..

It seems those 'TRIKES'- 3 Wheel Motorcycles are Safer?
Same should be for Motor Scooters.. and Even Reg. Bikes..

Our Streets/Roads around Geneva Lake are being Loaded with Bike Riders and many Manual Bikers are Not Staying Off the Road and Veer Out In front of you at the last Min.. or they want to Ride Side By Side..

I don't know the Answer to better safety, except Avoid ALL of them the Best you can..and give them a WIDE BERTH and alot of Space if Possible

And I'm sorry, but Downtowns Don't Look Good with all those Motorcycles This isn't Sturgis and it scares alot of Families and Tourist with those Noisy bikes and Dressed Like Gang Members..

Bikers? Your Not Going to Get rid of that Stigma...

Lake Geneva
Walworth County