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RE: Lake Geneva Parking
July 11, 2012 | 02:25 PM

I am happy your business is up. That is a good sign. But, if people would just take a minute and think about this. They don't like the parking system in Lake Geneva because according to you the systems is slow, confusing and inefficient. It is easy to understand if you can read. The system walks you thru each step. That takes care of confusing. It makes your payment in seconds and you get your receipt. You can add time from any other machine without having to walk all the way back to your car. You can buy beach passes right at the machine without going to city hall. That takes care of being slow and inefficient. The only part people don't like is this: $1.00 compared to $0.50. There is the only problem the people of Lake Geneva have with the new system.
The other thing to look at is this even though it helps the businesses of Walworth it takes revenue away from their own business district and neighbors in Lake Geneva. Also with driving all the way over to Walworth the amount of gas and wear on the vehicle ends up costing more than just paying the extra $0.50 an hour to park right in their own neighborhood. Where are they saving? I am sure it costs more than $0.50 to drive to and from Walworth.

Walworth County