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Time to end school sanctioned brain injuries
July 16, 2012 | 09:12 AM

I am absolutely amazed that we have a school superintendent that is supposed to focus on education and the development of young minds that feels he has accomplished something great for the community that is counter to the goals of public education.

We live in a time when we have retired NFL athletes such as former Chicago Bear's Dave Duerson and former San Diego Charger's Junior Seau who have committed suicide by a gunshot to the chest so their brains could be left intact in order to study the effects of multiple head injuries that occurred while playing football.

There are now over 2000 former NFL players that are suing the NFL for an alleged failure to inform regarding the the dangers of head injuries as it relates to football.

There is strong evidence indicating that repeated injuries to the head (even while wearing a helmet) can cause an entire spectrum of brain disorders including depression, memory loss, intellectual impairment and Parkinson's like systems such as tremors and a loss of motor skills.

Junior High and Senior High School football are the only school sanctioned sports in state of Wisconsin that I am aware of where part of the game is based on collisions in which both opponents are running at each other full speed with the intent of a collision or tackle.

Supporters will argue that the goal of these football programs it to teach young children proper techniques to minimize head injuries. Well, the professional's in the NFL were supposed to have the best training available, but it appears it did not help those NFL players who now claim to have brain injuries.

If parents are enthused about their kids learning a sport that is based on collisions and tackles when the evidence is growing that these activities can cause long term brain injuries, they should do it through private football clubs.

The bottom line is that it taxpayer funded education systems should not promote sports activities in which intentional collisions and tackles are part of the game and where long term brain injuries are being linked to these activities.

James from Lake Geneva
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Walworth County