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It's a Shame
July 18, 2012 | 11:26 AM

It's a shame we loose Critics of Important Issues in our Town..Both Pro and Con so the rest of us can evaluate them and decide for ourselves

-The Lakes Beaches Safe for Swimming? All depends I guess on who calls what is Safe? Lots of Ear Infections to Who Knows What will Tell and Our Local Medical ENT's I hope will report it to Public Health..

Ounce of Prevention worth Spending alot of $ later...

As swiming in any Body of Water, other than your Bathtub, best to Always wear Ear Plugs and Take a Shower Afterwards..

Do the same for your Pets as well..

Was Doing some Treasure Hunting with my Metal Detector at the Beaches and Collected 11 Cans and Bottles and Lost of Bottle Caps to Hair Pins to Numerous other Nice things t Cut your Feet on..

I usually fill up a Nylon Bag Everytime I go thru a Beach area and even more where their are Boats Nearby..( Like over at Big Foot )

and be nice if More Acknowledgement about Celeberties that Visit The Geneva Lake area ..It's good for Business.. People Like to Come to Places the Rich and Famous Visit...

and don't forget what other Towns found out the hard way... The More you Give to Help the Poor & Needy? The More Poor & Needy Show up with their hands out.. and STAY..

What's that saying? To Give to a Beggar, Makes a Beggar?

It cost more to Live here for a Reason and we'd like to keep it that way..

Lake Geneva