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Ditto John
July 18, 2012 | 11:38 AM

I'd like to Hear More about all the Rich and Famous and Celeberties that Visit the Geneva Lakes area...

People Like to Visit places they do, in hopes to Catch a Glimpse of them, but More importantly the Recognition of going with the Rich do as a Classy and Safe Place to enjoy themselves..

Target Marketing the Upper and Wealthy Class is what has Built this Community.. Not anyone else..

The Ave to below Ave Income person doesn't have $75 Hr to Rent a Boat to Spend On most of our Resturants to spend Hundreds per day to stay in our Resort Hotels..

Let alone attract the One's that Can Afford to Buy most of the Beautifull Homes around here.. and Allowing to build More Moderate and Lower Cost one's is not the answer to The Right Kind of Growth this Community needs..

and has built it for over 100 yrs..

A happy Balance may work for Other Cities and Communities for a More Yr round economical enviroment, but not here..Geneva Lake Was not Established for that purpose..

The Wealthy Like to Socialize with their Own Kindand making it more appealable to them to come here and visit and hopefully Live should always be top priority..

How do you think Lake Geneva and The North Shore of Chicago Got to be the way it is?

Geneva Lake
Taste of Wisconsin