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Shame on you Suzzie
July 25, 2012 | 11:07 AM

Listen Suzanne, if the Braves didn't collapse in September the Cardinals would of just kept pace with them and gained nothing thus missing the post season. The Braves losing was the reason the Cardinals won the wild card. Right now the Brewers have to hope the Reds, Pirates, and Cardinals collapse at the same time in the division.

If you've been following the Reds and the Pirates this season you know they have a very solid bull pen and consistent hitting, something the Brewers have been lacking all season.

The Cardinals got hot last year because they had the pitching and the bullpen but weren't healthy until August, got hot at the right time and the Braves got cold at the wrong time. The Brewers have too many teams to leap frog and too many issues and inconsistencies for both the wild card and the division. The Cardinals just had the Braves to worry about in front of them.

In conclusion if the Brewers miraculously made the playoffs, how far would they get with no bull pen and an inconsistent line up? Tell me which world series champion, hell, division champion got it without a bull pen and inconsistent hitting? ... crickets... Exactly. The Brewers have too many flaws to be a serious contender. Last years Cardinals were far better than this years Brewers, that's not opinion, that's fact.

Walworth County