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Status of Pell Lake
August 08, 2012 | 03:08 PM

Do something...Have been taking my 3 kids down to the lake a few times this summer, and it's been bearable...Took them down today and turned around...It's terrible, you can't even walk on the beach to get to the water, due to the goose droppings, and the swimming area had a film on top of the water with tons of loose feathers in the water, not to mention the weeds...It's awful, and should be closed down until something is done...We have NO PROBLEM charging everyone in the area a fee to keep it maintained...It is a great beach and lake when kept up...It beats parking in Lake Geneva, paying a beach fee, and trying to find a spot on the beach amongst hundreds of people on Lake Geneva beach...DO SOMETHING, because it is terrible and embarrassing, as of today 8/8/12

Scott Lindbloom
Pell Lake
Taste of Wisconsin
Walworth County