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Fed up with fed up and dave
August 10, 2012 | 08:38 PM

You two are the only ignorant persons posting on this article. First, lets make one thing clear, this was not a child, a grown man with a knife was shot by a police officer. Lets not forget a grown man with an extremely high blood alcohol who was having issues. Also, mommy needs to realize, if she opens herself up to an interview and comments "her son was murdered" she needs to be prepared for a response she may not like. For those that are thinking with your hearts instead of the facts, get over it and your sensitivities. Only two people know what happened. The deputy and the deceased. The rest of us can merely speculate. Therefore, fon anyone to criticize the deputies actions, they need to have been there and witnessed what happened. And as far as mamma goes, she called the police and the police these days aren't trained to play games in the society we live in. If in fact this man came at him with a knife, good riddance. If that was not the case, a higher power will have to be the judge. Lets not kid ourselves either, mamma is chasing dollars now, it has nothing to do with justice or the man that is being mistaken by many on here for a child. Just because he lived at mommie's house doesn't make him a child. So, there is no reason to preach to others about grieving mother's etc., the family of that deputy are going through tough times as well and if in fact the D.A.'s findings are correct, there is only one victim here, the deputy and his family.

Can't take the bleeders anymore
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