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Common sense
September 10, 2012 | 05:07 PM

Noboday can fault Mr. Decker for assisting a relative, but he probably shouldn't offer second hand statements of purported fact and opinions.

Boats pulling skiers or tubers ALWAYS have the right of way. A pontoon boat with a 75' ski rope and a tube cut in front of Mr. Hatyina? Really? I don't think so. He should not have been anywhere near a ski boat pulling a tube.

I have been pulling waterskiers for 30 years. Tragedies like this usually involve idiocy - like operating a 29' race boat on a small recreational lake combined with drugs, alcohol and an insecure person at the controls attempting to show off to other boaters, or his girlfriend, or both. I say go ahead and post bail for him. But please, do it quietly.

Walworth County