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report print email Source: Editorial: What is the next step for Hillmoor?
October 11, 2012 | 09:49 PM

It's obvious how this is going to go. The land along the White River needs to be preserved in a natural state for recreational uses; a "shore path" for biking, hiking and walking should extend at least to Edwards Blvd, maybe someday to Lyons and beyond. The 'back 40', possibly through an extension of Country Club Drive, could support some high end residential overlooking all that nature. The property along Rt. 50, of course, would be commercial, like the surrounding area. As part of a Planned Unit Development the city should insist on generous green space and widening of Rt. 50 to include turn lanes and support future widening. Face it: as happy as times were at Hillmoor Golf Club, it's gone. The private company that owns the private property there can't make money on it or it would be open now.

John RTV
Lake Geneva