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Why not Follow Cedarburg's lead
October 12, 2012 | 04:49 AM

Cedarburgh has some 34 Parks
This is Prime Property to Also be a Combination Park and smaller 9 Hole- Public Golf Course

Or a Multitude of many other things..

Right now? It's a Public Eyesore and an Embarrassment to the City of Lake Geneva

It's the First Thing Visitors see when comming into Town..

and don't say it's Unbuildable as a Flood Plain.. That can be changed with Land Fill and proper Drainage..

And it can also be a major Antique- early 1900's shopping area ..

Making it just a Park would only provide Free Land for the Elite few Locals Living around it, not for everyone..while everyone else would be Subcidzing the cost ..

Better get it Back On the Tax Roles..to at least have it Pay for Itself..

The Opportunities are Endless!

Put up a 10 ft High Fence along Rte 50 in the meantime.. It's an Eyesore..

Lake Geneva
Walworth County