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Williams Bay Football
October 21, 2012 | 11:44 AM

The facts are this:
It was a very real game. Complete with the full rules, WIAA Refs, and four complete quarters.
Each Team had a total Football roster of 26 Players
Breakdown -
9th Graders " CLS has 8 and WB has 7
10th Grade " CLS has 6 and WB has 5
11th Grade " CLS has 4 and WB has 7
12th Grade " CLS has 8 and WB has 7

CLS actually had more seniors on their team than Williams Bay.
Out of the 26 players Williams Bay managed to have both a Varsity and JV team.

Kenosha Christian Life School has a 9-12 grade enrollment of 239 Students

Williams Bay has a 9-12 grade enrollment of 179 Students

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