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Waste of a vote?
October 29, 2012 | 11:42 AM


The real waste of a vote is when you elect and re-elect someone like Congressman Paul Ryan who runs around campaigning on a promise of small government and reducing the national debt but has a record of 5 votes to raise the national debt and a history additional votes to increase the size and cost of the federal government.

Will any Libertarian candidates win this years election? Probably not. However, in addition to Libertarian voters that will cost Republican candidates a small number of votes, there will be millions of other voters who favor limited government who will not bother to vote, as they see a Romney / Ryan ticket as four more years of big government and out of control spending. If President Obama does get re-elected, it will not be on his outstanding record, but as a of result Republican candidates who do not have a plan or a vision to substantially reduce the size of government.

Voters want candidates that are willing to make the tough choices - the best example of this is Governor Scott Walker's overwhelming defeat of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barret in the recent recall election, which had a very high voter turn-out.

In short, if you want to attract voters in favor of limited government, the Republican party needs to offer candidates that are willing to deliver like Scott Walker, not fakes and wannabes like Romney / Ryan.

James from Lake Geneva
Walworth County