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report print email Source: Editorial: Six sex offenders arrested during trick-or-treating
November 03, 2012 | 05:01 AM

While I'm not defending these SO's..butt..
Why are these PD's doing this?
Maybe it Gives them something to do and Justify their Budgets..

1- This time of the Yr., the tourist season is over and it's Extremely Quiet in the County = very low Crime time

2- Comming to the End of the Yr., have to Spend their Budget $ or Not get it again for next yr

3-And while these SO's didn't want to "Follow The Program", they were just Asking for Trouble.. which makes them Not To Bright..Don't you think?

I noticed in Our Town that Parents were with their Kids, so How a SO could even have a Chance to Violate or assault some child is beyond me.. One would have to be Pretty Dumb to try..

But then again.. Who Knows!

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