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Really Upsetting to Hear this
November 15, 2012 | 06:20 AM

54% kids On Welfare And The AMI is only Less than $27k a yr?

This Upsets Me!
Why do These People Stay Living In a Area that Cannot Support them! You have to Go Live where the Jobs are..

I did that Several Times in my Working Life..

It's just Criminal to do this To yourself, let along to your Children and Deprive them ....

I can't even Imagine what their Lives will be Once they Leave School, Can you?

They haven't Got a Chance at Earning The National MI of $45,000 Yr and Live a Middle Class Life, let alone Better..

You have to Just go Live where the Jobs Are.. You have No other Choice..

I would like to go Live in Fla. or Hawaii, but I can't afford it, I stayed In the States and Cities where the Jobs Were to Support myself and My Family..
and To get the Kinds of Jobs I could Do...

Not force the Society to Take care of me..Just because I wanted to Live There..

I worked a job an ave. of 12 hrs a day x 7 days a week for over 3 yrs. before I got a Better Paying One..and Only made the Ave of $6 hr ( this was back in the 80's, = to $12 hr now ) and then I could afford to Get Married and Raise a Family..

Yes, Let's take care of them now, But Help their Parent(s) Find Where the Jobs are, that They Can Do and help them Move there to Do them..

It's obviously Not Around here...

Remember , to Give to a Beggar, Attracks Beggars to stay longer and More Beggars?

And we would Consider anything we got for Free , as a Loan and Paid it back! To help others in the future.. Wether it took months or Yrs to pay it back...

Yrs ago , Our Family had to go on Welfare for about 7 mos. , but we paid Everything we got back and then some. It took My Wife and I , 3 yrs at $150 a Month, but we paid It all back and then some!

My Sister Got help for a Few Yrs with her 3 Kids and 3 yrs later? She Paid it all back to both her Town,School County and State ..

Is Anyone doing that ?
Why not Mention The % of those That ARE doing that?

Get the HINT that Not Everything is Something for Nothing Around here..

ReInstall some Pride in People, make these things as Loans..

Otherwise, Something for Nothing is worth Nothing, isn't it?

Taste of Wisconsin
Walworth County