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Cenus is 12 yrs old? AMI is $49k Yr!
November 15, 2012 | 07:06 AM

"Census data from 2000, the most recent data available for the village, shows the average income per person was less than $20,000 a year or about $10 an hour.

For Walworth county, the average was more than $26,500 or about $12.50 an hour"

I hope I'm Wrong, butt...

While the State's Census From 2009 and Says the AMI is over $49k yr , is it not?

Wisconsin's median income plummets, census figures show

Last year, median household income in the state was $49,001, down from $49,993 in 2009

Plummets? That's Less than $1k or -$19 wk. is it not? That's Not Plummeting to me!
That's only about a -2% Drop!

Walworth County, WI - City-Data.com
www.city-data.com/county/Walworth_County-WI.html - Similarto Walworth County, WI - City-Data.com

Estimated median household income in 2009: $49,481 ($46,274 in 1999) ... Walworth County household income distribution in 2009, Walworth County home ...

Me thinks using such Old (2000) and Outdated Information is Misleading..and Decieving is it not? Trying to Get the Sympathy Vote here , are we?

Either Get the Current Information or Don't Use It..

I would Guess? Indexed to Inflation? WalWorth County AMI is more Closer to the STATES Stats, dont you think?

That's Not Including the 40-50% or So of the Seasonal Homeowners but Non Residents...

And You can make "185% of the Poverty Level"? That allows one to make How much? I read Figures that Poverty level for a Family of 4 was $35,000 a Yr? Is this True?

Meaning they can make upto $64,000 a Yr? and still Qualify for Welfare?

Even if that is Close?

Something is Very Wrong,Don;t you think, If your making The AMI ( Ave. Median Income) of say $45k yr ( Over $865 wk ) and can Still Get Welfare?

Where Do I Sign Up? lol

And yrs ago, Only Families Were Living here On FARMS and the rest of the Homes were owned by The Wealthy as their Summer Homes..

The Key was to Get the Land Paid for and Live Poor and then in 20-30 yrs., can Either Make 5x more off of it or you Sell it!

and Still, How many of the Current Homes are Owned By Wi. Residents vs Non Residents? Maybe 50-60übr>
I can see why Most Are Upset with the Getting all these Free Lunch Programs going on..

And aren't you teaching these kids to Expect Entittlements For Free, Like this? Nice way to Raise Children..

Send their Parent(s) A Bill and IOU is signed, make them OWE whatever is Given to them..

even if they Take Months or even Yrs to pay it back.. It will eventually Build up a Fund to Fund alot of Itself, won't it not?

And can own a Home worth $150k and a Nice Car and Still Qualify for Welfare?

Used to be, if you made 50% -75% less than everyone else or Didn't have a Job for A long Time , you got help, or you Moved , But apparentely, not anylonger..

Something is Very Wrong with our Society allowing this to Happen....Creating a Gov't Dependent , Socialistic and Entitlement Generation is Not Good For Them, nor the Country..


Walworth County