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Yes Sir Mr Retired Linn Man!
November 15, 2012 | 10:17 AM

They skew the numbers! By great deals. The current administration has even LOWERED the threshold for poverty. Check the statistics of how many of those UNFORTUNATE children come to school with cell phones, get dropped off in SUV's, have cable, laptops, air conditioning, and more....probably on our dime. And how many of their parents are ILLEGAL ALIENS that shouldn't be in our country to start with. My first and oldest child started in the Walworth School in 1990. There were only a handful of illegals then. Today, in the overcrowded school, Caucasian kids ARE the minority! We have reached the tipping point as indicated by the recent election that the "takers" have outrun the "makers" in society. And the expectations of these people are to be taken care of from cradle to grave. Most recently homes and healthcare. Before long the government will provide them EVERYTHING from cars, clothes, you name it. As our society crumbles under liberal policies we can only hope a revolution will take place and our house (country) will be cleaned and started fresh with the principles that made this country great by our founders! JD Falcone

Still working and paying at the 1% lever
Walworth Township
Walworth County