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November 15, 2012 | 03:24 PM

Walworth County is known for having better entitlement benefits than the surrounding counties so that is why so many are in our communities. It's very sad. We need to help people to help themselves. No wonder our country is broke. I have had some hard times through my life but I have always got out of it on my own. However, welfare, medicaid etc. should be short term not long term. This has become a generational thing which proves giving it all away does not work. It's a crying shame. I am very tired of supporting everyone else. Times are tough for my family right now also but if I walked into the welfare office they would laugh me out the door. We have taught our young girls if they go out and get pregnant they will get a check and not have to work. We have shown other countries that if you come hear you are eligible for our entitlements even if you are not a citizen. It is so awful. I work in the Health Care field and I see the abuse of these programs multiple times a day.

Lake Geneva
Walworth County