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Enough Amen
November 21, 2012 | 09:04 AM

Pam isn't wrecking Walworth, your elected officials are in the state capital. Do you even know any of the legislation that has passed and how that has effected your local community?

Enough, THE WELFARE is dolled out from the FARM BILL and is a FRACTION of the spending in it! Yes, the same bill that pays land owners to NOT farm the land by the 10,000's. KEY WORD FRACTION of the spending is on hungry people! Let's fight about the REAL MONEY like oil subsidies, and military spending that makes up 60% of spending. How about we focus on bringing our troops home, fixing our infrastructure, and educating our future.
If that's what YOU call liberal rhetoric,

I call it American Patriotism!
America was built by the people for the people!

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